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6 Ideas for Preparing the Perfect Engagement Session

If you want your pictures to really showcase your love story, I have some ideas to help you plan the perfect engagement session. Let us help you prepare for your session by sending us over the answers to the following questions:

Where did you first meet?

I always ask my couples where they first met, had their first date or if there is a specific location that is important to them. By doing this, it gives couples a chance to add some sentimental value to their session and helps tell their love story. If it was at a local place, we can stop by during your session and recreate the scene.

Take these two (whose names are being withheld to keep their privacy 🫣, lol) for example, their first date was at a local bar called Dubh Linn Square. So for part of their engagement session, the couple went back and took a few photos at the place where their love story started. (Sidenote: These portraits are almost 10 years old, and our editing style has evolved, as you will see below)


What do you like to do together?

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing together? This will help us to create memorable photos for you. Do you love riding your bikes together or racing model airplanes? Do you go to the park and push each other on the swings or playing laser tag together? Tell us your hobbies and we will try to incorporate them.

Take Alice and Jake for example, they love to go breweries together. One time they went our, Jake invited their best friend to Double Nickel Brewery. While doing a puzzle, he handed his phone to their friend and asked him to take a picture. This threw Alice off because she knows that Jake hates pictures. As she turned to say "what?!?," Jake was on his knee popping the question.


Where/how did they propose?

I love to recreate this moment during engagement sessions. This is the moment you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. This is important, especially if we were not able to capture this moment as it was actually happening. I want you to be able to share your proposal story with photos to go along with it!

Zac and Jessica told me about the proposal during their Princeton University engagement session. Zac was a PhD student and spent summer 2020 writing his dissertation research proposal. He was also secretly working on a research proposal for their engagement, asking friends and family to submit “letters of recommendation” for their relationship. In September 2020, Zac presented Jessica with the completed, printed, and bound research proposal for their marriage with over 40 letters of support! He had just completed the book the night before and could not even wait until the ring was ready at the jewelers to propose, so after Jessica accepted the proposal, they drove over to Jared's to pick up the ring.


What are your common interests?

By informing us of your interests, we can add a more personal touch to your photos. Are you both fans of the same sports team? Are you really into comic books or video games? Do you work in the same profession?

Talk about a session to remember!!! Jen and Mike love the Philadelphia Phillies and it was only fitting to get some very special photos. So, a few days before Opening Day (as you can see in the photo on the right) we met up at Citizen's Bank Park and explored parts of the stadium that are not typically open to the public.


Do you have any pets together?

If so, they make a perfect addition to your session. We welcome your pets in your e-session. I was going to make another blog post that featured all our sessions with furry friends. Erica and Randy (left) brought Ace to their November session at Holmdel Park. Ace, who never barks, decided to find his voice when he saw the sheep at the Historic Longstreet Farm in the park. Alyssa and Steven (middle) brought Bentley and Indie to their fall session at Smithville Park. The two doggos loved frolicking through the tall grass and wooded areas. Liz and Nick started their session at their home and Sammy had to join in. The couple wanted some portraits that told the story of how they will spend a night at home, which includes sitting on their front porch while Sammy lies at the stairs watching the world go by.


Do you have ‘a spot’?

You know that place where you always wind up going on date night? Where was your first kiss? What is your favorite hang out spot? Tell us your favorite go-to locations and we can check them out to see if they would be good spots for a photo shoot.

Alyssa told me that Steven and her took their dogs to one of our favorite local hikes called "The Mount" in Mount Holly during a snow storm. They walked up to the top and looked at all the snowy trees, as their dogs were playing, he pushed her hat over her eyes (jokingly) and pulled out the ring. When she got the hat off her eyes, Steven was on one knee. During their engagement session, we were not able to visit "The Mount," but we kept it local to another park with their doggos.

If you are still wondering who the couple is from the very top - it's Rick and myself. Back in 2013, well before getting into the business, we did our own engagement session. Maybe for my next blog I'll write about why it's important to do an engagement session with a professional. If you want to work with us, please reach out ASAP!


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