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*You know the rest of that line

Writing a bio is harder than it seems!  I'm not one to drone on and on about myself - which is one reason I'm more comfortable behind the camera than in front - so let's see how this goes....

I come from a family of artists; my father is an artist and his grandfather was a photographer, so you could say photography and creating art is in my blood.  

I started my business in 2016.  I had always loved taking photos and at that point, my husband Ricklin told me he wanted to put in for a transfer to another military base.  While I'm a NJ licensed teacher, certifications don't transfer between states that easily.  This is when I made the decision to turn my hobby into something more.

Since beginning this journey, I've been lucky enough to have a great support system - people who used the "Go Little Rockstar" term before it was a TikTok thing.  At the top of this list is Ricklin, who is not only my husband but my business partner.  With the support of him and others, I've been blessed to build and expand.

Our work has been published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Hunts Woman, Brides and Weddings, Betrothed Magazine, and the Military Spouse Entrepreneur Guide.

Brittany Harmening
Ricklin Harmening


What can be said about him?  

Rick has been serving in the US Air Force since joining straight out of high school.  His job has given him the opportunity of traveling around the world and he has enjoyed every single moment of it.  

His travels are where his love of photography sparked.  While exploring different countries, he began taking photographs to document his travel.  Rick's travel portraits have been exhibited in Greece, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Holland and more. Check out some of his travel photography

Rick has a way keeping cool in stressful situations, I guess we have the military training to thank for that.  When wedding days don't go as we plan, he often has the ability to keep not only me, but our couples and their wedding party calm and entertained.  You could say that Rick is like a chameleon - easily adapts to the environment.  

I think if Rick had a choice at another career, he would become a dancer.  During receptions, you can find him bopping along to the music.  Want to get him to dance?  Just play the Cupid Shuffle and watch him go.  He keeps it pretty tame while working, but he is known to do a good pop n' lock and robot.


Brittany is a full time teacher of 11 years with three teaching certificates 

  •  Elementary

  • Special Education

  • Reading Specialist

The couple has a tiny assistant who has made special appearances at engagement or portrait sessions and even on some zoom calls.  Annaleigh loves to make people laugh and smile with her infectious giggles and warm cuddles.

Brittany is a HUGE coffee lover.  In fact, if it was possible, she would have an IV of it attached at all times.  Her favorite is black amaretto or french vanilla flavored.  However, she still indulge in a Peppermint Mocha or Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Rick took karate classes when he was 8.  He earned his black belt in martial arts by the time he was thirteen.  Competing in a handful of competitions during his youth, Rick won medals in the categories of weapons and sparing.

In 2013, right after getting engaged and moving into their first home, Brittany and Rick rescued their first dog, Bella.  Bella, a mixture of a miniature dachshund, beagle and terrier, is a cuddle bug but stubborn and needed a campion.  A few months later, Shadow was adopted from another rescue.  Being a mix of a chocolate lab and german shepherd make her very protective and playful.

At the age of 4, Rick could look into the sky and identify the aircraft that was flying above him.  This is where is his love of airplanes started - leading to his career as an aircraft mechanic for the US Air Force.

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