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Fall Engagement Session in Princeton, New Jersey

Updated: Feb 7

Hi everyone!

Let's all give it up for one of the sweetest couples on the planet: Hannah and Mark.

Hannah told me all about how Mark and her met. They first met in 7th grade and had huge crushes on each other. However, Mark and his family moved away, causing them to lose touch. Fast-forward to a few years later, when they were able to reconnect with one another. Hannah was still very much in love with him but they initially stayed "friends only" and became quite close. After a few years of just friendship, the two discovered that they were legitimately in love and started dating not long after that!

engaged couple laughing

As for the proposal? Hannah was very close to her grandmother, and she is also a devout Catholic. Her grandmother passed three years ago, and she is buried near my house. The couple was doing a consecration prayer together over the summer. Hannah would go to her Grandmom's grave to pray. Mark, one day, convinced her that they had a fancy brunch to attend, but asked if we could go and pray first - this was not weird to Hannah as they had gone before. When they got there, the grave was covered with Hannah's favorite flowers and her Grandmother's favorite flowers. Mark and Hannah prayed together and then he proposed! Her grandma definitely had her hand in that one, because it was the most perfect way to be proposed to!

sweet kisses

the happy couple with their dog

To make their engagement session photos even more special, Hannah wore Mark's favorite dress of her's and in return, Mark wore Hannah's favorite shirt of his.

Hannah wanted a nice fall look, and I think we can agree they achieved that look. Sayen Gardens is always a beautiful location for pictures any time of the year, but between the tree colors, the fall sun, and their outfits - it was just perfect. They even brought their dog to the park for some shots. We love taking photos of dog-os!

Hannah advises couples to be open to what the session brings, let your photographers work their magic, and just have fun! At the end of the day, if you have fun, you're going to get amazing pictures.

Their wedding date is set for October 2022. They will be getting married at the beautiful Saint John the Baptist in Allentown NJ, and their reception will be at The Pen Ryn Estate in Bensalem, PA. Hannah says that she is excited about all of the planning! They're not just excited about the details, though. They're also excited to spend the rest of their lives together. It's so clear that this couple is head-over-heels for each other! You'll see what I mean when you see the photos.


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