Brittany Harmening
I love coffee!!!

Fun Facts

  • I love Tinker Bell, Coffee, and exploring new places

  • I have 3 teaching certificates - Elementary, Special Education & Reading Specialist - I've been teaching for 10 years

  • My husband (right) is in the military and we've been married for three years

  • We have two dogs - Bella & Shadow - who are both rescue dogs

My hubby and I at my cousin's wedding



Coming from an artistic family, I know how to capture the right light, look for the unique features in a shot and use them to create a one of a kind photograph. My father is an artist and my great grandfather was a photographer as well. I've grown up watching my dad paint on scene, trying to get it done before he looses the "light." He was always looking for that light.

Now I find myself looking for the same thing - the light - only behind a camera. What started out to be a hobby, snapping pictures of friends and family, has turned into a second passion of mine. I became more intrigued with photography after my sister requested that I take my nephew's newborn portraits. Since then, I've turned a hobby into a side job and now a business.

I try to always carry my camera with me because you never know what you might see.

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

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